Sunday, 2 August 2015

32. A year on the road

32 A year on the road...

Well, a quick year, lots of changes, good times, bad times, and crazy times... it has had a bit of everything this year. But, all things considered, it has been a wonderful year, full of glorious sights, nice people, fun times and many other experiences....

I am still doing and still enjoying my art, and [for the most part] selling it. I am proud of my work. Yes, it takes forever to do, people will never realise just how long- but I love it. It has become my living, and my head is always throwing new ideas forth...

Ishi went straight through the MOT, so no hassles there. This year saw me back at where I purchased Ishi, with two water leaks. But on the whole, it is all good, 8,000 miles later, and my home rolls onwards.... On to year two...........

I am still making videos, you can find me on YouTube, THE RAMBLINGS OF BRY. Mostly, the comments have been very supportive and it seems I am leading some kind of a march forwards, for many people...

So....year two begins, and we are off.............   be well !!!

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  1. Bry, I've really enjoyed watching your year on the road thank you for sharing it.
    The picture are great but the greatest to my eyes is the 6th down the bird in the circle,but I'm really skint at the moment to even ask to buy something like maybe soon. Love and light
    Paul G

  2. Thankyou mate, I hope things improve for you soon, I am sure they will. Be well !